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Website content

Website Content and Updates

Creating or updating the copy of a website. Posting content on blog and performing maintenance of comments section. Excellent knowledge of WordPress platform. Rates starting at $5/100 words.

C.Price& Associates
Complete website redesign and update using WordPress platform. Created texts, shortened copy and improved readability.
Corporate Tax Accountant Resume and Template
Over 500 job descriptions and sample resumes following this template. Each has about 800 words and describes 3-5 skills necessary, job requirements, education and includes a fictive CV. Further samples available at Online resume builders
Gift Guide TV Series and Games
Gift guide example for fans of popular TV series. About 1000 words. Other examples include Deadpool, Vikings and Game of Thrones. More links: https://giftplz.com/my-neighbor-totoro-gift-guide/ https://giftplz.com/vikings-gift-guide/ https://giftplz.com/24-wicked-awesome-deadpool-gifts/ https://giftplz.com/minecraft-gift-guide/
Riunione Inn
Complete bilingual webpage developed from scratch for a bed and breakfast. Includes description, prices and reservation functionality as well as integration with tourism platforms.

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