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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Your customers already use the internet, are present on social platforms, search the internet for what they need and use various channels for communication. It’s time for your business to be present in all these environments. 

Paid advertising (pay per click – PPC) on social media platforms or in the Google suite can bring you many ideal customers. We help you set your goals, budget and especially your expectations correctly, then we take care of the implementation. The strategy adjusts quickly, depending on audience response to the ads. 

We can also help you communicate with your customers through newsletters or by creating quality content for your company blog. 

Depending on your industry, target audience and other variables we choose the optimal combination for your business from the following:

Facebook/Instagram/ Whatsapp Ads
Google Ads
Email marketing & newsletters
Content marketing
Paid advertising training

What is our workflow?

Objectives Budget Implementation

What are your expectations from the paid campaign? What is your goal?

Do you hope more people will know your brand? Want to sell a new product? Do you have a promotion for a certain period? Do you want me to promote the event?

What is the budget for the campaign you want to run?

Any campaign has 2 components: the cost of creation, implementation and monitoring, respectively the cost of using the platforms.

We create for you all the necessary elements of a campaign based on the ideas and materials provided by the client.

After setting up the campaigns they are monitored daily to see if they are producing the expected results. Otherwise, they are modified at the image, text level.

At the end of any campaign, the client receives a report with the results and expenses incurred, as well as a best practice guide for future campaigns.