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Science and technology

Science & technology

Articles following client guidelines, usually starting at 800 words and containing relevant research and links to authority sites. Rates starting at $5/100 words.

Has Business Intelligence entered the era of self-service?
A sample article on Big Data and business intelligence.
How Computer Based Label Printer Software Works
Inspired by the inventory stocks of large retail stores, the use of barcode has become standard practice in other areas that use large amounts of physical items, such as libraries, hospitals and court-rooms.
How Will Automated Driving Systems Affect Motorhomes and Campervans
Today’s ADAS (advanced driving assistance systems) makes us hope that in the next 20-30 years we will have motorhomes or camping vans that are small smart homes, making simple decisions like the best route, keeping a safe distance and self-parking themselves in the best spot, of our choice.

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