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Medical and healthcare

Medical & Healthcare

Medical articles are usually in the 400-1000 words range with relevant links that are informative and help clients understand the services offered by the medical practices. Healthcare articles are usually longer, about 600-1200 words and discuss trends. Rates start at $ 2.5/100 words.

Austin Pediatric Dentist Teaches 3 Ways For Kids to Keep Their Teeth Healt
A healthy mouth is the expression of a healthy and well functioning body. Dental habits learned in the childhood can help us care for our mouth’s health for a lifetime, saving us a lot of painful and costly procedures. Prevention is key, as it is easier to take care of teeth before they go bad or to correct problems in early childhood.
How Medical Data Acquisitions Can Assist Hospitals
In the modern world data is the new currency and means power. However, since we are flooded with information it is becoming more and more difficult to select the relevant parts and discard the rest. Automated systems could be the key to collect meaningful data, organize it in the right way and prepare it to be analyzed to extract trends that dictate further action.
Medical Options for Motorhome Residents
Whether you are on a prolonged holiday or prefer the nomadic life-style, healthcare should not be an issue, but a topic to take care of before leaving home. If your campervan is what you call home and have embraced completely the hippie life, than additional measures are needed to enjoy the freedom without worrying about disease or extraordinary costs
The Growth of the Medical Tyvek Industry
If you are looking for a material that has the resistance of film, malleability of plastic and it is printable almost as paper, then you are probably thinking about Tyvek®, a wonder material developed in the late 50’s by DuPont.