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Lifestyle and traveling


Articles in lifestyle category are between 300-600 words, short, sweet and sometimes organized as lists. Most of them also include relevant media and are usually easy to read and follow. Rates start at $ 3.5/100 words.

How the ideal female body has changed
Sample listicle of 500 words with intro and 5 items. Viral content type.
Pretty and Cocoa
Fun and light-hearted articles about beauty tips for cocoa girls! More: https://prettyandcocoa.com/the-hair-growth-secret-that-cures-yeast-infection-too/ https://prettyandcocoa.com/70-ways-to-use-african-shea-butter/
The Rise of Miami Super Yachts
Structured article, 500 words with links and quotes.
Zany Collections
Simple and fun beauty& fashion products

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