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Finance, Economics and Business

In depth articles over 1000 words on topics related to personal finances, taxes, way of managing business. Some items discuss general economic conditions or management strategies. Rates start at $4/100 words.

3 Tips To Help You Survive The Gig Economy
The answer lies at the intersection of the answers to three simple questions: “What are you good at?”, “What do you enjoy doing?” and “Is someone willing to pay for that?” and becoming more open-minded about the definition of work. You no longer go to work; work comes to you in a browser, in an app, or through a text message.
Classical and Unorthodox Approaches to Student Loans
Following house mortgages, student loans are the second financial burden of the nation. The latest numbers show that over 44 million Americans, which is roughly twice the whole population of the state of New York, have a student loan, adding up to 1.31 trillion dollars, a bit more than Russia’s GDP for 2016. These numbers are staggering and repaying an amount exceeding $ 30K per borrower takes time, organization and a clear strategy.
The Best Strategies to Increase Your FICO Score. Focus on FICO 8 and FICO 9
If you are in the lending and credit game, your best friend and potentially your biggest enemy is the FICO score, a number usually scaled between 300 and 850, computed as a weighted average of factors assessing your financial management and spending behaviors, claiming it can assess the risk you represent for a lender.
Top 5 Trends to Watch in 2017 on the Mortgage Scene
The main influences on the mortgage rates and house prices come from political changes, generation replacement, effects of the economical cycle, the supply and demand on the housing market and a herding instinct.