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Academic articles

Academic articles

These articles usually have between 2500-8000 words and are based on in depth research, including gathering data, analyzing data in statistics software such as SPSS or EViews and discussing results and implications. All items are part of own research during PhD and were published in reputable, peer reviewed, indexed journals. All work at Google Scholar Similar work can be performed at rates starting at $6/100 words.

Globalization versus Segregation-Business Cycles Synchronization in Europe
The aim of the paper is to explain the synchronization of business cycles using the relationship between the growth rate of the GDP and FDI, considered as percentage of the GDP. The results show that there is no unique European business cycle, but two cores between which countries migrate and stress out the importance of the FDI channel in business cycle transmission.
Measuring Globalization by Means of Bbusiness Cycles' Synchronization. A Fuzzy Cluster Framework.
The double purpose of the paper is to employ both hard and fuzzy cluster analysis in order to evaluate business cycle transmission among of 55 countries over the time span 1992 – 2011, in order to estimate the effects of globalization, be means of the linkage which exists between the growth rate of the GDP and FDI flows

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